Marcus Woo

Marcus Woo

Science Journalist

My work has appeared in a variety of outlets, including Wired, Smithsonian, BBC Future, BBC Earth, New Scientist, National Geographic, Slate, and Discover. (

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01 kingsnake eating.ngsversion.1489502129840.adapt.590.1 article
National Geographic

Snake Kills Bigger Snakes With World's Most Powerful Squeeze

No one knew how the king snake could take on snakes larger than itself—until now.

Rings centaur asteroid 01 78068 990x742 article
National Geographic

First Asteroid With Rings Discovered

Astronomers have discovered rings like Saturn's around an object that's about 150 miles (240 kilometers) across....

Mega earth kepler 01 80397 990x742 article
National Geographic

Astronomers Find "Mega-Earth," Most Massive Rocky Planet Yet

Massive rocky planet could signal an increase in the number of places potentially suitable for life....

Nglogo560x430 cb1343821768 article
National Geographic

Chelyabinsk Meteor: The Animated Movie

Dec 12, 2013 ... Researchers use an animation of the Chelyabinsk meteor strike to study how much energy it released into the atmosphere. Marcus Woo....

Social spider division labor 01 80753 990x742 article
National Geographic

Spider's Personalities Determine Their Job Performance

Social spiders have personalities that determine which jobs they'll do best for their colonies....

Valley girl uptalk men dialects 74072 990x742 article
National Geographic

Is Valley Girl Speak, Like, on the Rise?

The rise in pitch at the end of sentences, known as "uptalk," cuts across genders and ethnicities, study says....

King tide natgeo explainer 75999 990x742 article
National Geographic

King Tides: What Explains High Water Threatening Global Coasts?

Periodic high tides known as king tides are brought on by special alignment of heavenly bodies....

Warmest november climate change 74722 600x450 article
National Geographic

Global Temperature for November Was Hottest on Record

Marcus Woo. for National Geographic. Published December 20, 2013. Last month was the warmest November on record, according to a report released this  ......

Ap558064362900 74217 990x742 article
National Geographic

New Record for Coldest Place on Earth, in Antarctica

Marcus Woo. for National Geographic. Published December 10, 2013. If you think this winter is cold, be glad you're not in Antarctica. Using new satellite data, ......

Ap676504963691 76144 990x742 article
National Geographic

Bizarre Landslide Photos: Boulders Roll Onto Farm, Narrowly Missing House

A landslide in northern Italy sent boulders careening into a vineyard....