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Marcus Woo

Science Journalist

My work has appeared in a variety of outlets, including Wired, Smithsonian, BBC Future, BBC Earth, New Scientist, National Geographic, Slate, and Discover. (

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National Public Radio

More Than Bread: Sourdough As a Window Into The Microbiome ...

Home bakers in the U.S., Europe and some other countries have volunteered their sourdough starters to a team of American scientists who want to unravel the microbial secrets of sourdough.

Driverlesscars article

When Driverless Cars Crash, Who Pays? | Inside Science

A new model assesses the likelihood of a driverless car crash.

Pink flamingo topnteaser article

How Flamingos Stand on One Leg

A one-legged stance doesn't need much effort.

3d printedsensor topnteaser article

3-D Printing the Way to Bionic Humans

A pressure sensor printed directly on a hand is a step toward new biomedical devices, "on the fly" wearable technology, and more.

P04z72mb article

The most mysterious star in the galaxy

A star that flickers and dims is so strange that some have evoked aliens, but what is really going on?

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BRIEF: Why Athletes Hit the Wall | Inside Science

Findings could lead to a future drug that mimics the health benefits of exercise.

Potatochip1 topnteaser article

Do You Smell What I Smell?

A new study with potato chips suggests we all perceive scents differently, but culture tells us to agree when naming them.

Meringue topteaser article

BRIEF: The Science of an Airy Meringue -- With Chickpeas | Inside ...

The vegan substitute works just as well as egg whites.

01 kingsnake eating.ngsversion.1489502129840.adapt.590.1 article
National Geographic

Snake Kills Bigger Snakes With World's Most Powerful Squeeze

No one knew how the king snake could take on snakes larger than itself—until now.

Protoplanetarydisk topnteaser %281%29 article

Planets May Grow from 'Dust Traps' Around Stars | Inside Science

New simulations could help solve long-standing mystery in astrophysics.

P04s6c3q article

The cosmic explosions that made the Universe

A mysterious cosmic factory is producing lithium. Scientists are now getting closer to finding out where it comes from.

Multiverse opt article

Why the Multiverse Isn’t Just Madness

The multiverse—the idea that infinite universes stretch beyond our own—has gained traction among physicists. But others think it’s just a multi-mess.

Wolf spider article

Are We There Yet? Wolf Spiders Use Their Eyes as Odometers

Their eight eyes take on different tasks to assist in navigation.

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New Scientist

The paradox powering Earth's magnetic field | New Scientist

Our planet’s protective force field appears to be billions of years older than the mechanism that got it going. So what really made Earth magnetic?

P04p0zj5 article

The unexpected ingredient necessary for life

If our planet were a cold, dead rock, life as we know it probably could not exist. Fortunately, Earth itself is alive